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Seasonal work

Strawberry PickingAt Manor Farm, we employ up to 100 staff during the summer months, most of whom come from a variety of countries within Eastern Europe.  The majority of our jobs are seasonal, e.g. picking, packing and fruit husbandry work and the start and finish of the picking season varies depending on the weather and customer demand.  Most of our recruitment has been completed for the 2017 season, however, if you are interested we will be happy to advise you if there are any vacancies. 

 Planting strawberry plants

Here at Manor Farm, we use HOPS Labour Solutions. Please visit their website for additional information at www.hopslaboursolutions.com


If you would like to know if there are any vacancies or need any other information about working here, please e-mail mariya@manorfarmfruits.co.uk or send a message through our 'Contact Us' page.

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