30th July 2018

This year Manor Farm Fruits is branching out and growing some baby vegetables. For the last 5 years the majority of fruit on the farm has been grown in coir (coconut fibre) which is sourced from Sri Lanka. Before this, the fruit was grown in peat sourced either from Ireland or Eastern Europe but a decision was made to switch to the more sustainable coir.

The coir is normally used for 2 or 3 crops of strawberries before it is renewed – the old coir being mixed back into the soil as a soil conditioner and to help increase the organic matter. Trials were carried out to see if the life of the coir could be extended by growing different crops. In 2016 pumpkins were trialled successfully after the strawberry crop and this has continued in 2017 and 2018. This year the farm is growing baby veg in coir that grew the pumpkin crop last year. The crops grown are carrots, spring onions, beetroot, baby leeks and radish, and as can be seen from the photos results look very promising.

Trials will continue with different crops to further extend the life of the coir.



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