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2020 Season

Many thanks to everyone who visited us during the 2019 Pick Your Own season and we hope to see you all again this year. The 2020 Pick Your Own season will open sometime in May, depending largely on the weather. As soon as we have more information we will post it here so please check back. Alternatively, sign up to our Fruit News below to get the latest news delivered straight to your inbox.

We will also be attending local Farmers’ Markets again this season. Once we have confirmed dates we will publish them here.

Pick Your Own

Children love to go strawberry picking; there’s nothing more satisfying than romping round the strawberry fields on a sunny day looking for the biggest and best strawberry you can find. On top of getting them some fresh air and helping them work towards their ‘5-A-Day’, a day-out strawberry picking serves an educational purpose: a first hand experience of how fruit gets from the plant to the plate.

We really do take a lot of care about the quality of fruit that we grow. Each year we try to introduce new varieties of strawberries, offering our discerning customers subtle differences in both colour and flavour of the berries. This also helps us to provide a continuous supply of lovely fruit throughout the season.

Furthermore, we’ve adjusted the height of our strawberry plants so you can pick without the backache of constantly bending down. We also understand that some people would prefer to skip the picking work and go straight to the reward; for that reason, we also have a large selection of ready picked fruit on sale in the shop, suitable for all tastes and requirements.


Not sure what summer at Manor Farm Fruits looks like? Take a look at this video to find out. 


We grow several varieties of strawberries including Malling Centenary, Sonata, Flair and Malling Sunrise.


We grow both summer and autumn fruiting raspberries. The varieties we grow in the PYO fields are Malling Minerva, Glen Ample, Cascade Delight and Tulameen.


Our commercially grown blackberries are much larger than their wild hedgerow counterparts and as well as being great in puddings and desserts, they freeze beautifully so why not put some in the freezer for a ‘fruit boost’ in the winter months? We grow the varieties Karaka Black, Loch Tay and Loch Ness.


Blackcurrants are slightly tart and sharp fruits and are usually eaten cooked in jams, puddings and preserves. We grow a variety called Ebony.


We sell ready picked blueberries and as they a great source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K as well as containing high levels of antioxidants, they really are a ‘super fruit’ in terms of health benefits. The variety we grow here is called Liberty.


Current Variety: Invicta – the most popular green gooseberry; great for cooking or eating straight from the bush. Gooseberries aren’t sold in many places, meaning our Invicta variety are always in strong demand! If you’re a fan, you’d best get picking as soon as they’re ready to avoid disappointment.



In addition to their use in jams, puddings and preserves, redcurrants are also a great garnish to accompany meats and work particularly well with lamb. We grow a variety called Jonkheer van Tets.

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